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Mosquito repellent

1 / moth prevention skills for new cupboards

There are moths in the cupboard, which are dirty and damage the wood. The moth proof method is: sew a small pocket with gauze, fill it with cedar sawdust and hang it in the cupboard to prevent moths.

2 / simple mosquito repellent method

Put two or three bottles of uncovering cooling oil under the seat and next to the bedside table. Mosquitoes will be afraid to invade.

Take a few wide mouth bottles, fill them with a little concentrated sugar or beer, shake them gently, so that the inner wall of the bottle is stained with sugar or liquor, and put them in a place where there are many mosquitoes indoors. When mosquitoes smell the smell of sugar, they will fly into the bottle and get stuck or drowned.

3 / peppermint oil can be used against mosquitoes

Peppermint oil can not only repel mosquitoes, but also effectively kill mosquito larvae. Using peppermint oil can repel 85% of all kinds of mosquitoes.

4 / tips of Artemisia fumigating mosquitoes

Wormwood has a fragrance that can disperse mosquitoes. You might as well buy some wormwood. When it's getting dark, light the wormwood, close the door and smoke it for more than ten minutes

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