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Kissing skills

Hint at the willingness to kiss.

You don't have to say it, just send some simple signals:

Let the other person notice that you are staring at the other person's lips.

Don't pout. Gently separate your mouth. Don't open it too wide. Make sure your upper lip can easily bite your lower lip.

Make your lips look more attractive. Use lip scrub and lip balm to moisturize dry lips and freshen with mint or liquid refreshing. Do not use gum. Otherwise, it will be embarrassing for you to spit out the gum when the other person kisses you.

How to kiss

2 break the deadlock.

If you are bold enough, try kissing the other person's mouth or hand. If the other person doesn't avoid and shows interest, you can try kissing the other person's lips.

When you kiss a girl

: gently lift her hand and kiss the back of her hand. Let your kiss stay for 2-3 seconds.

When you kiss a boy

: lean over and kiss him on the cheek for 2-3 seconds. Don't act like you want to kiss your family. If you want to be more obvious, kiss the corner of his mouth.

How to kiss

Create a romantic atmosphere before kissing

。 You can try to praise each other and be sincere. Maybe the other person will take the initiative to kiss you.

Talk intimately. When talking to the other person, lower your voice and stare into the other person's eyes. This will not only let the other party know your mind, but also let the other party get closer to you.

Be seductive. Even if you know your opponent is a good basketball player, don't always mention it. You should focus on praising the side that can create a romantic atmosphere. For example:

"You are so beautiful!"

"Your eyes fascinate me!"

"I like to see you smile!"

"I'm so lucky to be with you now!"

How to kiss 4 if all these strategies fail, just fight and verbally hint that you want to kiss each other. But if the other person still doesn't understand what you mean, make it clear. Don't worry - it doesn't mean it's not romantic. If you don't know what to say, try these sentences:

"I don't want to do anything but kiss you now."

"If it's too direct, please forgive me - but I really want to kiss you!"

"I want to kiss you so much that I don't know what to do!"

How to kiss

5. Strike decisively.

If you're ready, don't waste time - close your eyes, lower your head, and kiss gently. Next we'll talk about kissing skills and how to kiss in different situations - what to do with your first kiss, what to do after a date, etc.

Method 2 kissing skills

How to kiss

1 keep lips soft.

Don't pout, keep your lips slightly open and give each other a hint.

How to kiss

2 first gently kiss each other's lips

, don't rush with your teeth and tongue. If the other person responds well, you can start trying French kissing.

Don't make any noise. This will distract people's attention and make both sides less involved. If you find yourself making a sound, slow down and open your lips a little more.

Don't go too fast. Don't put your lips on the other person's mouth first. Kiss gently - if the other person feels uncomfortable, you can stop.

How to kiss

3 pay attention to control your saliva.

You don't want to keep your mouth wet when kissing! Please pay attention to swallowing your saliva from time to time. If your lips are too wet, pause, control, and then continue.

How to kiss

4 "lock" each other's lips.

If everything goes well, try to "lock" each other's lips and make your lips "fold together" (like the order given below). This will make the kiss more intimate and passionate, and it is also a good start for French kissing.

Your lower lip

Each other's lower lip

Your upper lip

Each other's upper lip

First, it's a good idea to put the other person's lower lip between your lips. Someone's lower lip is very wide. You can gently fix it with your lips.

How to kiss

5. Keep breathing.

When kissing, you should be able to breathe gently with your nose. If you feel that your current position makes it difficult for you to breathe, stop first and then continue kissing.

In fact, you don't need to feel nervous because you can't breathe. Shortness of breath means you are nervous or excited, which may make the other person happy.

How to kiss

6 use your hands

。 Don't let your hands hang on both sides of your body like soft noodles - hands are also important when kissing!

Put your hand gently on the other person's shoulder or waist. (according to Western custom, women put their hands on men's shoulders, while men wrap their hands around women's waist.)

Pull the other person in a little with your hand to make your movements closer.

Put your hand on each other's face, rub your hand against each other's cheekbones, or put your hand on each other's chin, and gently lift his head.

Another sexy action is to put your hand behind each other's head and gently caress his hair.

How to kiss 7 test it with your tongue. Once you have "locked" the other person's lips, you can try to gently touch the other person's lips with the tip of your tongue, and the action should be as soft and slow as possible.

Look at the other person's reaction. If the other person gets closer or responds positively, you can go further. But if he retreats gently or reacts reluctantly, you'd better give up using your tongue and just use your lips.

How to kiss

8 try French kissing.

The way to make kissing more sexy with your tongue is called French kissing. Why French kissing - who knows! If only we knew what to do:

Gently sweep your tongue over the other person's lower lip. The action should be as gentle as possible. If the other person reacts well, you can try to strengthen the strength and intensity.

Put the tip of your tongue into the other person's mouth and touch the other person's tip of your tongue. Be gentle and keep your tongue moving - it's not a good idea to put your tongue in the other person's mouth. Your kiss will end soon.

If the other party's response is very positive, you can strengthen the strength and speed.

How to kiss

9 mix various skills.

You don't need to kiss your tongue all the time. The combination of hardness and softness is the best. You can also go back and kiss the other person's lips after French kissing.

The combination of multiple skills will make the other party unable to predict what you will do next. Such randomness and surprise will make your kiss full of enthusiasm and not boring.

How to kiss

Try biting each other's lips gently.

You don't have to bite each other with your teeth, but biting each other's lips will have unexpected results. Here's how to do it:

Try to be gentle. Remember that you want to bite gently, not take a big bite.

Move your teeth gently and don't hurt each other accidentally.

When your lips are close together, use your teeth to gently bite each other's lower lips, stop and return to normal kissing.

Don't go too far. Just bite each other once in a while. Don't always bite each other.

Not everyone likes being bitten. If the other person reacts negatively, don't feel depressed - it's just a matter of personal preference.

How to kiss

Occasional pauses can make kissing more romantic.

A pause in a passionate kiss, gazing into each other's eyes, or whispering, even if you just stop to catch your breath, will make the atmosphere more romantic.

You may think that the pause will make the enthusiasm disappear, but it's not. This will make the other person feel your feelings, rather than simple physical contact.

Method 3 what should I do with the first kiss

How to kiss

1 select an object that can be trusted.

A trusted partner will ease your anxiety. Just think, if the other person kisses for the first time, you have to be patient and considerate to make the other person relax, so you should also find such a person.

If your first kiss is not ideal, it doesn't mean you and your partner are over. In fact, as long as you can relax and laugh at yourself, it will make your relationship closer and interesting memories.

Remember, everyone has to pass the first kiss. Someone may do worse than you. There's nothing to worry about.

How to kiss

Make your lips look attractive.

Remove the dry skin from your lips and moisturize your lips with a little lip gloss. Brush your teeth before kissing and use a breath freshener or mint.

Keeping your breath fresh will make you more confident.

But don't get too obsessed with these problems. Under normal circumstances, as long as you don't eat anything like garlic, there won't be any taste in your mouth.

How to kiss

3 don't worry too much.

After all, the first kiss is only once! Unless you're all anxious to kiss, it's better to take your time. Flirting before kissing is also fun. Those physical and eye contact will make you closer.

How to kiss

4 let the other party guide you.

If you are very nervous and don't know what to do, let the other party lead you to do it. You just need to imitate each other's practice. When you feel relaxed, you can do something you want to do. Expert tips on how to kiss

After you gradually relax, you can try other skills or offer to kiss.

If the other person's response is not so positive, tell yourself it's just a matter of personal preference and try other methods.

Method 4 how to kiss after a date

How to kiss

1 approach each other.

At the end of the date, you always have a chance to kiss each other, so pave the way and be intimate before the date, otherwise it will make the last good night kiss very embarrassing, as if you were too anxious to kiss.

For men, if you can't pull into the distance with each other, when you kiss each other on the cheek, it may make women think you are his own brother - what's worse than that. So when you send the other party to the front of the car or the door, gently put your hand on the other party's shoulder or back, which will break the deadlock and let the other party know your intention.

How to kiss

2 observe each other's reaction.

If she turns away or wants to leave when you try to touch her, don't think about kissing her - she doesn't want to kiss you yet. You just need to smile and tell her you enjoy your time with her.

How to kiss

3 maintain eye contact.

When two people stand close and stare at each other, it means that both sides want to kiss - almost everyone knows.

If you stare at each other for too long, you'd better look away. The way to stop eye contact and remain romantic is to stare at each other's lips.

It's a little strange to say everything. If you don't want to kiss too hard, just look up and the other person will understand. In addition, if you surprise the other person by kissing him coldly, you may accidentally hit the other person's nose or teeth, or scare the other person.

How to kiss

Stop talking.

When people are nervous, they will pick up what and say what, which destroys the atmosphere of kissing. So stop talking.

But don't end your conversation suddenly. It will make the other person feel that you can't wait to leave. And don't try to interrupt the other person suddenly.

You can end the conversation with a short and polite answer.

How to kiss

Try to get rid of the psychological barrier of kissing.

If everything is ready, but you're not ready for a romantic kiss, hug each other affectionately and kiss your cheek first.

Don't kiss on the cheek, let the other party think it's just a polite gesture. You can kiss each other close to his lips or ears and stay for a second or two. Or you can whisper in the other person's ear and say something provocative, which will let the other person know that you are not just polite to kiss.

How to kiss

6 keep it simple.

If this is your first kiss or your first date, don't go too far. Separate your lips slightly and kiss each other's lips gently and briefly.

Restrain your desire and don't kiss each other violently or French kiss, which will make the other party afraid and deprive you of opportunities for further development.

How to kiss

7 according to the reaction of the other party.

If the other person is closer, you can make the kiss a little more intense. Otherwise, you should slow down, stare into each other's eyes and smile.

Method 5 ritual kissing

How to kiss

1 pout up and close your lips to indicate that you don't want to touch further.

Many people think that a closed mouth is not romantic.

If you want to see if your mouth pouts enough, try blowing a kiss in the air to see if you can make a sound. Romantic kisses shouldn't have this sound.

How to kiss

2 clarify your wishes.

If you just want to kiss the other person on the cheek, but the other person doesn't understand your intention, turn your head to one side and kiss in the center of your cheek. Don't shift towards your ears or lips.

If you don't like the actual kiss, you can just put your cheek close to each other's face, quickly "kiss" and make a kiss sound. Then change to the other side ceremoniously.

How to kiss

3 keep it simple.

Don't let your lips stay on each other's face for too long, just a simple second. Once you stay for a long time, you feel a little romantic.

How to kiss

4 in respect or some ceremonies, you can bow or kneel down, look up at each other, and politely kiss each other's hands.

matters needing attention

Enjoy the moment. If you're always thinking, "what's he thinking?" "How do I look tonight?" With such a problem, you can't enjoy the whole kissing process. Don't focus too much on yourself, but immerse yourself in the beauty of kissing.

If you don't get the kiss you want, refer to other kissing articles in wikiHow to solve these problems.


Kissing can lead to the spread of diseases such as herpes.

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