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Tonsils, also known as tonsils, are multiple glands on both sides of the human body near the throat. They are named because they look like tonsils. Generally speaking, the tonsils usually refer to the palatine tonsils visible to the naked eye and on the back of the throat. Like other glands, the tonsils are part of the body's immune system and their main function is to help the body fight infection. Tonsillitis is caused by infection of tonsils, which usually occurs in the throat and upper respiratory tract and is lost due to bacterial infection. In the past, doctors did not understand the function of the tonsil and mistakenly thought that the tonsil was a useless tissue. Therefore, they would perform tonsillectomy for patients with tonsillitis. At present, doctors rarely do so.

Acute tonsillar pharyngeal inflammation should be treated systemically, supplemented by local treatment such as gargle, ultrasonic atomization or steam inhalation. Chronic inflammation is mainly treated by local treatment. Comprehensive treatment such as buccal tablets and gargle can be used to enhance the curative effect and carry out etiological treatment.

There are drugs for the treatment of acute tonsillitis: lysozyme buccal tablets, dumefen throat tablets, iodine throat tablets, Dobell solution, furacilin gargle, chlorhexidine solution, analgesic gargle, Dafo throat dew, etc

A mass of subepithelial lymphoid tissue in the oropharynx. According to their location, they are called palatine tonsil, pharyngeal tonsil and lingual tonsil. Among them, the palatine tonsil is the largest. Usually, the tonsil refers to the palatine tonsil. There is a pair of palatine tonsils, which are located between the lingual palatine arch and the pharyngeal palatine arch. They are oval and covered by stratified squamous epithelium. The epithelium sinks into the tonsil to form 10 ~ 20 crypts, which contain exfoliated epithelial cells. Lymphocytes and bacteria. Lymph nodes and diffuse lymphoid tissue are densely distributed below the epithelium and around the recess. Lymphocytes often pass through the epithelium and deposit in the oropharynx. The tonsil capsule is a layer of dense connective tissue, which separates the palatine tonsil from adjacent organs and acts as a barrier to prevent the spread of palatine tonsil infection.

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