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ZIP format

Zip file format is a file format for data compression and document storage. Its original name is deflate. Its inventor is Phil Katz. He published the information in this format in January 1989. Zip usually uses the suffix ". Zip", and its mime format is application / zip. At present, ZIP format is one of several mainstream compression formats, and its competitors include rar format and open source 7z format. In terms of performance, RAR and 7z format have higher compression rate than ZIP format, while 7-Zip is gradually applied in more fields because it provides free compression tools. Microsoft has built-in support for ZIP format from Windows Me operating system. Even if the decompression software is not installed on the user's computer, it can open and make ZIP format compressed files. OS X and popular Linux operating systems also provide similar support for ZIP format. Therefore, if you spread and distribute files on the network, ZIP format is often the most commonly used choice.

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