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Electric shock

Electric shock is commonly known as electric shock, which is caused by electric current passing through the human body. Most of them are caused by direct human contact with the power source, and some have been injured by high-voltage electricity or lightning of thousands of volts or more.

   Exposure to high-voltage electricity above 1000 volts often causes respiratory arrest. Low-voltage electricity below 200 volts can easily cause myocardial fibrillation and cardiac arrest. Voltages of 220-1000 volts can cause simultaneous paralysis of the heart and respiratory centers. There may be deep burns in the area of electric shock, but it is burnt yellow, and it is clearly separated from the surrounding normal tissues. There are more than 2 wounds, one entrance, one or several exits. In severe cases, the wound surface is deep and subcutaneous tissue, tendons, muscles, and nerves. , Even deep into the bones, showing a carbonized state.

  First aid method

   1. Cut off the power immediately, or use non-conductive objects such as dry wooden sticks, bamboo sticks or dry cloth to remove the wounded from the power source as soon as possible. First-aiders should not directly contact the injured in electric shock to prevent their own electric shock from affecting the rescue work.

  2. After the wounded is disconnected from the power source, the wounded’s general condition should be checked immediately, especially breathing and heartbeat. If breathing and heartbeat have stopped, they should be rescued on the spot immediately.

   (1) Mild symptoms: those who are conscious and have spontaneous breathing and heartbeat. The wounded lie on the ground and observe closely. Do not stand or walk for the time being to prevent secondary shock or heart failure.

   (2) Those who have stopped breathing and have a heartbeat, unfasten the clothes button on the spot, unblock the airway, and immediately mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration. If possible, the tracheal intubation can be used for artificial respiration with pressurized oxygen. It can also be acupuncture at Renzhong, Shixuan, Yongquan and other points, or give respiratory stimulants (such as lobeline, caffeine, colamin).

   (3) If the heart is stopped and breathing is present, chest compressions should be performed immediately.

   (4) If both breathing and heartbeat have stopped, chest compressions should be performed at the same time as artificial respiration to establish breathing and circulation, and restore the oxygen supply to the body's organs. For on-site rescue, it is best to perform mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration and extra-thoracic heart compressions with a ratio of 1:5, that is, 1 artificial respiration and 5 heart compressions. If only one person is rescued at the scene, perform chest heart compression and artificial respiration at a ratio of 15:2, that is, perform chest heart compression 15 times first, and then mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration 2 times, alternately, the rescue must be persisted to the end .

   (5) When dealing with electric shock injuries, pay attention to whether there are other injuries. Such as bounce off the power source or fall from a height after an electric shock, it is often complicated by head trauma, blood pneumothorax, rupture of internal organs, limb and pelvic fractures, etc. If there is trauma, burns, all need to be dealt with at the same time.

   (6) During the on-site rescue, do not move the wounded at will. If it is necessary to move, the rescue interruption time should not exceed 30 seconds. To move the wounded or send them to the hospital, the wounded should lie flat on a stretcher with a flat hard plank on their back. The rescue should be continued. For those with cardiac arrest, artificial respiration and chest compression should be continued. Medical staff in the hospital Treatment cannot be suspended before taking over.


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