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First Aid Method for Electric Welding Light Injury Eyes

If you look at the welding arc without wearing protective eyes for a long time, your eyes will be stimulated by the strong ultraviolet rays in the arc light, resulting in electro-optic ophthalmia, that is, the arc light "beats" the eyes.

  The main symptoms of electro-optical ophthalmia are eye pain, tearing, and photophobia. It takes about 2-10 hours from the time the eyes are irradiated with arc light to the appearance of symptoms. If electrical ophthalmia is infected secondary to cause corneal ulcers, there will be corneal pannus and affect vision.

   In case of electrical ophthalmia, you can go to the hospital for medical treatment and use 4% novcaine syrup to infuse your eyes. The symptoms will be relieved quickly. However, the onset of electrooptic ophthalmia mostly occurs at night or at home. Mastering the necessary first aid measures can alleviate the pain.


   1. After the occurrence of electro-optic ophthalmia, the simple emergency measure is to use boiled and cooled human milk or fresh milk to spot the eye, which can also relieve the pain.

  2. The method of use is to tap once for a few minutes at the beginning, and then, as the symptoms alleviate, the time to order human milk or milk can be appropriately extended.

  3. You can also soak your eyes in cold water with a towel, and rest your eyes.


   1. After emergency treatment, in addition to rest, attention should be paid to reduce light stimulation, and to minimize eye movement and friction. It usually takes one or two days to heal.

  2. Parents should educate children not to watch electric welding workers perform operations, otherwise they are very susceptible to electro-optic ophthalmia.

  3. Workers engaged in electric welding work should not perform electric welding operations without wearing protective glasses to avoid unnecessary accidents.

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