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Common sense of first aid for drowning

Drowning refers to people who have been submerged due to water irritation in the respiratory tract, convulsions, contraction and obstruction, resulting in suffocation and hypoxia, requiring emergency rescue.

  Emergency points >>>

  ◆A drowning person should be rescued out of the water as soon as possible after being found, but if the rescuer does not know how to rescue the person in the water and does not understand the water conditions at the scene, he should not enter the water easily and can make full use of on-site equipment, such as ropes, poles, and life buoys.

  ◆Put the drowning person flat on the ground and quickly pry open his mouth to remove foreign objects such as silt and weeds in his mouth and nasal cavity to keep his respiratory tract unobstructed.

  ◆Pour out the inhalation in the abdominal cavity, but be careful not to just pour water and delay the rescue time. Pour water method: place the drowning person on the thigh of the rescuer's knees, head down, and press his back to force the inhalation from the respiratory tract and stomach to expel.

  ◆When the drowning person’s breathing stops or is extremely weak, artificial respiration should be performed immediately, and chest heart compression should be performed when necessary.

  Expert Tips >>>

  ◆Because the breathing and heartbeat of a drowning person may stop again after a short-term recovery, do not give up artificial respiration, and insist on until the arrival of professional paramedics.

  ◆Minors should not go into the water to save others, they can call the police for help.

  ◆Those who have lost consciousness should be placed on their side and pay attention to keeping the drowning person warm.

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