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Ruptured tympanic membrane

1. The main reason

  The tympanic membrane is a thin film with a certain degree of toughness, located in the deep part of the external auditory canal, and is an important part of the human body's sound transmission system. Tympanic membrane injuries are mostly caused by blows from palms or explosions, ear picking, forced nose blowing, violent blows of the Eustachian tube, improper operation by doctors, and fractures of the temporal bones.

   Second, the main symptom

   Sudden pain in the ear after injury, followed by tinnitus and deafness, accompanied by mild dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and bleeding in the external auditory canal.

   Three, first aid

   1. It is strictly forbidden to drip medicine into the ear or wash the external ear canal without the consent of the doctor, so as to avoid contaminating the middle ear and causing otitis media.

  2. If there are foreign objects or soil in the ear, use a cotton stick dipped in 75% alcohol or 60-degree white wine to gently wipe the opening of the external auditory canal, and then use a sterile cotton ball to block the opening of the external auditory canal.

   3. Be careful not to let water enter the ears when washing your face and bathing.

   4. If the tympanic membrane is ruptured due to the fracture of the petrous part of the temporal bone, do not block the external auditory canal, and go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.

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