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First aid

Walking up the mountain outing in the park was originally a very romantic thing. Suddenly encountering a foot accident is really disappointing. Experts teach you 5 steps to deal with emergencies.

  When to see a doctor: If there is obvious swelling within 30 minutes after the injury, or if the swelling does not improve after 48 hours of treatment at home, you should see the hospital.

  Step1 Rest

   Stop walking immediately and sit down in a stable place as soon as possible. If possible, find a support that can be used as a crutches. Use it for at least 24 to 48 hours. Don't let the injured ankle joint bear weight.

  Step 2 Cold compress

  Cold compresses can constrict blood vessels, reduce bleeding, control the development of injuries, and have the effect of stopping bleeding, reducing swelling and analgesia. For the first 48 hours, use an ice pack or cold towel to apply a cold compress for 10 minutes every hour. Remember to put a damp cloth between the skin and the cold pack, and observe the color of the local skin at the same time, and stop using it immediately when there is purple or numbness.

  ●Heat compress. Do not apply heat when you are just injured, so as not to dilate the blood vessels and increase the amount of bleeding. When the pain and swelling become stable, the affected foot feels less swollen when you lower it, and the skin temperature of the wound returns to normal. Generally, after 48 hours, the bleeding stops. You can use a hot compress to help dissipate the blood.

  Step 3 Elevate the affected foot

   When sitting or lying down to rest, lift the injured foot with a pillow or backpack. This can promote venous return, speed up the circulation of blood and lymph, and will not stagnate in the damaged place of the blood vessel, thereby reducing local swelling and pain.

  Step 4 medication

   Hemostasis → When you are just injured, you can spray on the injured area with "good fast" and take Yunnan Baiyao capsules at the same time. Analgesia → Take aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen sodium or ketoprofen to help relieve inflammation or pain. Promoting blood circulation and dispersing blood stasis → 48 hours later, the bleeding stops and the swelling is stable. You can apply Wuhu Dan externally, or take Huoxue Zhitong San orally to disperse blood stasis. You can also try some natural remedies, using pepper, ginger, salt and boiling water to soak the injured area.

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