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How to use the mask

Time: usually 10-15 minutes of woven mask, the specific time can be determined according to the instructions on the mask. It should be noted that the longer the time the mask is applied, the better the effect. If you find that the time specified in the mask manual, but the mask is still very moist, you don’t need to continue to apply it because the effective ingredients in the mask have been fully absorbed by your skin. Absorbed and applied again will not increase the effect. The intensive effect mask should be used according to the course of treatment in the instructions, and do not increase the number of facial masks by yourself.

   Massage: After removing the woven mask, you can use the retained nutrients on the face to massage it to double the effect of the mask. The fingers of both hands follow the texture of the muscles in the order of "from the center to the periphery" and "from the bottom up". This route is the route of the lymphatic circulation, which can detoxify and tighten the skin.

   Wrap: The main reason why the mask has an excellent maintenance effect is the "wrap" effect of the mask, which completely isolates the skin from the air and allows the skin to fully absorb nutrients. Therefore, when applying the mask, it is best to lie down and let the weight of the mask fully press on the face to help the mask exert its "wrapping" effect.

  ①First, you should prepare the skin before applying it, mainly to clean the skin thoroughly, or apply a hot towel for three minutes after the massage to expand the pores, and then use the mask. Use the towel to wrap your hair and expose your face. It is best to apply cream or olive oil on the eyebrows, eyelashes, etc., because masks cannot be applied to these areas.

  ②Apply the mask product to the fingers or soft brush, evenly press the neck and forehead, one or two times, the nose, the lips, and the forehead, in order. The distance from the eyes, lips, eyebrows, etc. should be about 0.5 cm, so as not to stimulate the mucous membrane and cause adverse reactions. Place eye pads for protection if necessary. If you have oily skin, you can apply the mask from the T-shaped area with a lot of oil. It doesn't matter if you use more, and then apply the other parts in order.

  ③ After applying the face, avoid pulling the facial muscles. It is best to take a lying position. Natural facial masks are generally kept for 10-30 minutes, and the peel-off facial mask is naturally dried for 10-20 minutes and then peeled off with light pressure from top to bottom. It can also be washed with water. The frequency of making facial masks should be mastered properly. On the contrary, frequent application of facial masks will accelerate the relaxation and aging of the skin. Under normal circumstances, apply once a week. For oily skin, acne skin or pigmentation, etc., it can be used 2-3 times a week.

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