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How to use soymilk machine

1. Clean the soybeans in advance, and then add water to soak. If you want to add mung beans, black beans and other beans that are not easy to soak, it is best to soak them half a day in advance.

  2. Pour the soft soaked beans into the soymilk machine. Generally, Xiaoqi’s house pours the beans soaking water into it.

  3. According to the amount of beans, add the right amount of water, but it is recommended to add a little more, otherwise if there is too much okara, soy milk is basically not much. Be careful not to be less than the lowest water level, not to exceed the highest water level, otherwise the machine is prone to failure

  4. Cover the machine head of the soymilk maker in the correct position and make sure it is in place

   5. After plugging in the power supply and the indicator light is on, select the button according to the functions provided by the soymilk machine and the types of ingredients added. When the machine sounds an alarm, it means that the soy milk is ready.

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