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How to use test paper

How to use test paper

   1. Take urine.

   Pregnancy test paper bags usually contain a urine cup, which is used to hold the urine sample and take it out.

  2. Put the test paper and urine at the same room temperature.

   Open the outer packaging of the test paper and place it at the same room temperature as the urine sample.

   3. Put the test paper in the urine sample.

   Insert the bulged end of the test paper into the urine sample. Note that there is a line marked MAX on the test paper. The depth of the insertion should not exceed the MAX line, but it should not be too shallow, so as not to affect the detection.

   4. Take it out and place it flat.

   3-10 seconds later, take it out and place it flat. You will find that the urine gradually soaks upwards, slowly soaking into the test and control area (that is, the white area).

   Observe the results after 5 or 5 minutes.

   Within 5 minutes, you will see the effect. The changes in the test area and the control area are signs of pregnancy. There will be three changes: positive, negative or invalid.

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