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How to use network set-top box

1. First, connect the set-top box to the TV. The LCD TV uses HDMI, and the old-fashioned TV uses the AV cable. One end of the standard AV cable of Yidian C1 is single-ended, and this is plugged into the AV hole on the back of the set-top box, and the other end It is a three-headed yellow, red and white cable, corresponding to the video input port of an old-fashioned TV. Make sure that the color corresponds to one by one.

  2. Turn on the TV and switch the video input of the TV. Just switch to which input terminal the set-top box is connected to.

   For example, an LCD TV. Just use HDMI to connect to the HDMI1 port, and use the remote control to switch the input source of the LCD TV to HDMI1. If it is an old-fashioned TV, switch to the video input. Note: If the video source is incorrectly selected, the TV will not receive the video signal from the set-top box.

  3. Turn on the power of the set-top box, and the TV will display the boot-up screen of the set-top box: (Because it is an Android smart system, it takes some time to start up, this smart phone is the same as booting) as shown below:

  You can see that the main interface of Yidian C1 is very neat and concise

4. Connect to the Internet: If your home router is placed next to the set-top box, it is recommended to connect the set-top box directly with a network cable. Nothing is required. The set-top box is connected to the Internet. However, the router at home is not on the TV cabinet, so wireless The receiving function is used. Use the four-dimensional direction keys of the remote control to select the network, after entering, you can see the network setting menu, as shown in the figure below:

  Is it very familiar to see this page? Yes, it is the same as your mobile phone connecting to the wireless network. First turn on the wireless network switch, then select your home wireless router, enter the password, and connect to the network.

   At this point, you’re done, let’s enjoy the current trendiest smart set-top box

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