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How to use sanitary napkins

Sanitary napkin usage 1: One is a long strip with no ears on both sides. For this kind of sanitary napkin, just tear open the packaging bag, take out the sanitary napkin and unfold it, and then tear off the paper tape on the back of the sanitary napkin (this paper tape is to prevent the sanitary napkin from sticking when it is packaged. It has no other use. You can tear it off. Throw it away), align the glued side of the sanitary napkin with the crotch of the panties and stick it on the panties, and the sanitary napkin will be placed.

Use of sanitary napkins: Another type of sanitary napkin is a long strip in the middle, with an "ear" on each side. The usage of this sanitary napkin is to open the package, take out the sanitary napkin, and tear off the paper tape in the middle. , Glue the glued side to the middle of the crotch of the underwear, and aim the two ears at the narrowest part of the crotch. Then tear off the small piece of sticker on the back of the "ear" on the left, and fold the "ear" from the narrowest part on the left side of the underwear to make the front of the panty crotch stick firmly, and then tear off the sticker on the back of the "ear" on the other side , Fold from the right side of the narrowest part of the panty crotch to make the panty crotch front fixed. Because of the adhesive adhesion of the bottom of the sanitary napkin and the fixing of the "ears" from both sides, the sanitary napkin will be firmly adhered to the panty. The bottom part is more difficult to move during activities.

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