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How to use a guitar tuner

Tuning is to tune the strings of the guitar to the correct pitch. If you use a tuner, you usually tune it with an open string. In the case of standard tuning, the green light on the tuner's screen is correct (the rise and fall marks cannot appear).

   The tuner screen displays the note name, so you must be very clear about the level of the note name.

   Sound name C D E F G A B

   roll name do re mi fa sol la si

Clamp the tuner to the head of the piano, adjust the screen to the angle you can see and start tuning. If it is a metronome, press M/T for 3 seconds to switch to the tuning screen, and tune in a multiplayer environment. You need to connect the tuner and the guitar with a cable. Each metronome has such a cable, and then clamp the clip to the head of the piano to start tuning.

   The metronome is switched to the tuning state. In the case of a pure tuner, it is usually clipped to the head of the piano.

  Use the cable in a multiplayer environment

We start tuning from the first string of the guitar. The first note is the note of mi, and its note name is E. If E is displayed, the green light is the standard note (not with any rise and fall marks at this time). What should I do with D? First of all, learn about D's roll name, re!

   Is this pitch higher or lower than the standard sound mi? The answer is lower.

What to do when    is low

When the    tone is low, that is, when the needle is on the left side, we need to tighten the corresponding knob counterclockwise a bit and watch the needle change slowly until the green light is displayed. Like a string, the needle is at the left position when E is displayed (Figure 2-1). At this time, tighten the knob until the needle reaches the green light in the middle. If the red light on the right side of the green light exceeds the green light, it means that the pitch is high ( Figure 2-2),

   Sometimes the needle is still low on the right side. For example, if we tune a string, E should be displayed. But after D is displayed on the screen, the needle is on the right side (Figure 2-3). At this time, the needle position is low.

What to do when    pitch

   In the case of the standard tone, the needle is on the right to indicate that the pitch is high. At this time, twist the corresponding string back (clockwise). Until the green light is on. (Picture 2-4)

   Use the same method to tune the remaining 23456 strings yourself. Some strings of poor quality will break before the standard pitch, so don’t tighten too much at once.

   The open string of the 2nd string is adjusted to "B"

   The open string of the 3rd string is adjusted to "G"

   The open string of the 4th string is adjusted to "D"

   The open string of the 5th string is adjusted to "A"

   The open string of the 6th string is adjusted to "E"

   After tuning from string 1 to string 6, you can tune from the first string of the sixth string, because the strings that have just been tuned to the standard pitch are easy to tune out, so you need to tune more. Even if the best strings are tuned, they will still run out of sound after a period of time. So before each practice, tune the standard tone and then start practicing. This will help us to improve our ability to judge the pitch correctly. Watching some videos of the master's performance, we will see that the master will tune himself during the performance. We must develop the habit of tuning before playing. The above is the tuning content provided by the Guitar Channel Training Center.

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