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How to use wireless network card

How to use wireless network card

   1. Get to know the wireless network card. The wireless network card used to be a card that was directly inserted into the dedicated interface of the computer. Now most of the USBs have the same mobile phone card, which has the same nature as a mobile phone, but the purpose is different.

  2. Insert the wireless network card into the computer. We first install the driver. Insert the wireless network card and a new disk will be created. We click and install the driver inside. The driver is the default C drive, just click Next until the installation is complete. A new icon will appear on the desktop as shown below (I used Telecom, some of which are different from this icon.):

  3. We double-click it to open a new interface. The 3G connection will have a signal after a while.

   4. We click on the 3G connection and the following picture appears, which means that we can access the Internet through the wireless network card.

   5. When you want to buy a network card, you have to know that the package of the network card is relatively expensive, and not every place has a wireless network signal. You have to understand these and then decide whether to buy or not.

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